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Video Production

If you are looking for professional videos for your Social Media, Commercial Spots, Corporate, Promotional, Musical and Social videos or Animated Graphic Displays.

We can help you, just let us know what you have in mind and we'll be happy to work with you.

Please take a look at some videos that we show you below.

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Ad / "MR Screen Printing - 1

  • Vertical Format

for Stories | Mobiles |

Aspect Ratio 9:16

Ad / "MR Screen Printing - 2

Storie / Writer Marlyn Garcia

Storie / MR Screen Printing

Vlog / Metrolina Church

Ad / Fairlane T-Shirts

  • Square Format

for Instagram & Facebook|

Aspect Ratio 1:1

Ad / Dr. Clean Clinic

Ad / MR Screen Printing

Ad / VEM

Ad / Fairlane T-Shirts

Post / MR Screen Printing

  • Standard Format

for General Media

Aspect Ratio 4:3

Ad Spot / Joint Saver

Ad Spot / KIA

Ad Spot / Santander

for General Media

Aspect Ratio 16:9

  • Full HD Format

Promo / RGMC / App Mobile

Intro / Adaptation, Animation for "Camino Church"

Video Ad / Haimov watches (Sample)

Logo Animation / City Church Network

Worship Intro / House of Power Church

Intro / Vanguard Institute

Video Ad / CarX Depot

Promo ID / Op 72 TV

Video Ad / MR Screen Printing

Worship Intro / House of Grace Church

and...There is more...

Promo / Sinergia - Social Media

Promo / Doral News TV (Sample)

Conference Recap / Writer Marlyn G

Promo / AC Times TV

Promo  / HUM Radio FM

Video Insert / TV Show Section

Promo / Missionary Operation "Blessing"

Promo / Book Presentation of the Writer, Marlyn G.

Music Video / Vanessa & Jafe / On Green Screen

Promo / LV / Pastor Rick Warren

Promo ID / NJC-TV

Video Splash  / Sinergia TV Show

Stage Design for Churches and Auditoriums


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